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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Well Crap...

So this is my first blog post ~ I really thought my first post as a blogger would be all happy and joyful and thankful for all that God has blessed me with.  And don't get me wrong he has blessed me more than words can ever explain.  But my first post isn't as "happy" and "fruity" as I had in my mind it would be.  So here it goes.....
I turned 30 last year.  Approximately 3 months after having my second baby.  I had big plans for 2011.... it was my 30th birthday and my husband and I's 10 year wedding anniversary.  But God had bigger plans than any measly vacation I had hoped to take to celebrate the momentous year.  We had been trying to add to our family since 2009 and finally it happened in 2011.  That will be for another post ~ the hard road we incurred to get our little Truman here.  The ups, downs, surgeries, blood (I know TMI) and sweat (again TMI).  So when my birthday and our anniversary rolled around (which they are only a couple of weeks apart) I had just been back to work for about a month, no vacation time left, and definitely no money saved back to do so.  So we went to Branson for a weekend, just the two of us.  It was nice, but no tropical island.  Which leads me to the brunt of this post ~ why in the hell would I have wanted to go to a tropical island when the sight of me in a swim suit scares the shit out of me!  So now I am doing something about it- I am 30, I have 2 beautiful kids that I live my life for, a husband that drives me crazy but I love him more and more each day.  But I am going to start living some life for me!  We have a new gym in town, I joined and not only did I join but I am actually GOING.  On a daily basis.  Then I paid money for this fitness class.  It started the second week in January and is on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 5am to 5:45am.  (I am not a morning person AT ALL, so this is huge for me.) And I have been eating healthy.  Not a diet- this is for life now.  Just eating healthy.  Better food choices, smaller portions and the occasional cheat to curb some of those cravings.  I did eat pizza for dinner last night, but it was a small and my daughter and I shared it and came home with 4 left over slices.  Oh and I gave up pop.  Not caffeine, I still drink tea and an occasional coffee, but I gave up all of that nasty high fructose corn syrup stuff.  So the first week of January, just giving up the pop and eating a little healthier, I lost 6.6 pounds.  I thought I was hot stuff.  Now that I am actually exercising alot I have gained 4.4 of it back.  That's right you heard me - I gained 4.4 pounds last week.  So that is how my blog is starting a few seconds of a big fat pity party and then I will be done.  I am NOT giving up, I WILL keep moving forward to reach my goals, I know it will NOT be EASY.  But I am more than ready to see some progress.
Thanks for reading, I really am excited to share our day to day happenings.  The good and the bad with whoever decides to read this and I promise it will get much more positive and but I am not going to hide the fact that there will be some negative.  It's okay though, you don't have to agree or like everything I write.  I understand, but I will do it anyway, because this is my blog and if you have words to say start your own :-)
Until we meet again~


  1. Way to go Nici! I will read your blog and will comment on it every time i agree and disagree (hint: conservative democrat vs. conservative republican). Should be fun! Blogging is a great way to scrapbook and keep your sanity! Have fun with it!

  2. Nici -- You are doing great! I know it is frustrating and there are many reasons why you could have gained weight instead of losing.

    I have the same problem and get frustrated as well. Although I am not losing much weight, I am seeing a difference in my body -- slowly, very slowly. Because it is a slow process, it does tend to get frustrating, but the fact that you are doing something makes a huge difference.

    On the days that you don't feel that you have made any progress, try to remember that it is okay and that what you are doing is good. Good for you and your family. Doing something is more than doing nothing.

    I think the blog is a great idea and I have been contemplating making one myself to journal our adventures and share information. You are an inspiration on many fronts. Keep up the good work, Nici. Sandy

  3. Nici -thanks for sharing your words. We all have those periods of frustration and feelings of setbacks, but I have found that at times those little setbacks are just a holding pattern and you'll jump in progress overnight without making a change. I, too, have a monumental birthday this year (mine is only 20 years older than you though!), and we are going to St. Thomas for our dream vacation. Like you, bathing suit and I are arch enemies and I am scared to death that I'm going to be pissy during my vacation just because of the way I feel about ME! My husband is very fit and looks incredible with a beautiful six-pack and pecs and biceps that drive me nuts, and I don't feel worth of that! Especially in a swimsuit! He loves me to death, but I feel he deseres more...and IIIIII deserve more. I've been cutting back and trying not to make a big deal out of it this year wit him because I've tried and failed before. I've lost 4 pounds so far this year, but I want to lose 30 before we go on vacation the week of Memorial Day. Keep us going...keep us are helping me so much, and I'm sure that was not at all your intent, but it is!!! Thank you, and keep going!